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Maid of Grace would like to thank you for stopping by! 

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There is a reason you are here! 

You may be one of the many who struggle on maintaining a house due to life itself! You work all day and would like to come home to relax, enjoy time with your family and fur-babies, or do the things that you love! Instead, your mind is focused on the constant cleaning and messes which can be so draining! Are you tired of arguing with your loved ones over the chores that are just not getting done? You are not alone! 
Or maybe you have family or friends coming to stay? Maybe you have a party coming up? Or you just need the extra help to do the things that are not on your priority list?!

You've come to the right spot!!!

Maid of Grace is ready to take those burdens off your shoulders! We want to see that beautiful smile again when you walk through those doors to the home you work so hard for! Work to live, not live to work!
We are not here to judge, we are here to help! Here at Maid of Grace, we know what it's like to let life take over and cause a mess! But we want to make it a beautiful mess! Our team is there to make your beautiful home feel like a home again! 
There are so many health benefits and bonuses to having someone help maintain the cleanliness of your home!

Why wait any longer to find out?

Our greatest satisfaction is identifying our client’s pain with chores and housekeeping and turning their house into a stress free, glowing, and healthy atmosphere! We are here to take those constant stresses and arguments out of your life over housekeeping forever!
Give us the opportunity to meet with you to talk about your pain and concerns and maybe we will be the right fit for you, your family, and your home! You will never know unless you try!

Maid of Grace Values:

1.       100% Satisfaction- Delivery of our Promises to our customers! We must meet our client’s needs!

2.       Ownership- we Own our work to build trust!

3.       Excellence- Quality builds our reputation! Efficiency is key!

4.       All About the People- Right People + Right Attitude = Success!

Maid of Grace values you, your family, and our community!!
So what do you say? 

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